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River Journeys -   My project with Linda Weinberger on the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers! The Newfield Network.  A cutting edge global coaching & leadership school  Coach University: The world’s most recognized coaching school  The International Coach Federation  The Philadelphia Area Coaches Alliance.  Beth is a charter member!  Includes free and fee teleclasses for learning from home!  For coaches! …Value packed! Our collaborative partners and experts in the PDM© Decision-Making process! Interested in publishing your own book?!  See my friend Jim Donovan!   The International Listening Association Marilee Goldberg-Adams, Ph.D., author of The Art of the Question

Sustainability and/or environmentally friendly sites: Are YOU a cultural creative?  Find out here.  The Wildlands Conservancy – Our River Journey collaborative partners!!! Natural Capitalism - Paul Hawkins, author of The Ecology of Commerce Helping Americans change the way they consume A new and sustainable way of doing business Shedding a Skin that No Longer Fits: an essay of importance  Rivers – Restore, protect and enjoy! For shopping or traveling with sustainability in mind  Dedicated to a healthier planet through consumer awareness about chemicals - Saving the world for our children  Natural Resources Defense Council Originally the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund Defenders of wildlife  Up-to-date information on toxic chemicals and how to avoid exposure  If you like nature… this site has lots of value-packed pages and links!

Beth’s miscellaneous favorite sites:  Feed the hungry here!   The New York Open Center: An urban holistic learning center   These well-loved wolves live in New Jersey! Exotic kayaking trips for intermediate and advanced paddlers  A mentor, dear friend and beautifier of the world  Philadelphia Canoe Club

Retreat Centers to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit:

Real Estate - Expand your real estate dollars! Find how how here!  Official site of the National Association of Realtors®

Health and well-being:

Organic Personal Care Products
Organic Home Care Products
Nutritional Suppliments  US Gov. site w/links to lots of information on health issues. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention disease information  The National Library of Medicine Web page includes the Medline database, which summarizes scientific studies from thousands of medical journals. The world’s largest online holistic health community, representing alternative medicine practitioners, associations, services, articles, products, remedies and events to empower people to make intelligent, informed choices about their health and wellness. Dr. Moss provides the most comprehensive reports for treatment decisions  Dr. Andrew Weil’s alternative health site.  Resource site including discussion boards  Resource site for consumers and health professionals.A huge data bank!
www.ufph.orgUnited Foundation for Patient Humanities – Believing in the value of being positive.  Some of the world's foremost scientists and researchers have conducted rigorous research into the effects of natural compounds on human health. These studies have been published in respected medical journals and presented at major professional meetings around the globe.

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